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April 01, 2006

For the Fifth Sunday of Lent

John 12:20-33

Today our Lord gives us a strong, strange and violent lesson.
Like grains of wheat, we are to bring forth much fruit by falling and dying.
If I love my life in this world, I lose it.
If I hate my life in this world, I PRESERVE IT for eternal life.
Christ does not tell us to DESTROY our life in this world.
Rather, folded into his words today is the truth that we may preserve our life in this world if we love ETERNAL life more than our merely worldly life.
The truth is that our life in this world is folded into eternal life, and that our eternal life is folded into our life in this world.
He says today, “Whoever hates his life in this world will preserve IT for eternal life.”
We are to hate not life itself.
Rather, we are to hate a life that ignores eternity.
At present, in this world, our lives are in disorder.
Our human nature is in disorder, out of harmony with itself.
We each have a body, a reasoning mind, free will and feelings.
These— body, mind, will, feeling— don’t always line up with each other, and never perfectly nor permanently.
That failure— that lack of order, harmony, peace— that lack is something we naturally and rightfully HATE.
God did not make us that way, and he too hates it.
Human sin turned it that way.
In Christ— Truly God and Truly Man— in Christ we are justified, rectified, straightened out, put in order and harmony— body, mind, will, emotion.
Yet the order and harmony will not fully wake up until our own resurrection— if— in this world— if we have hated sin and the disordered results of sin.
Christ by word and by lifelong example shows us how to hate sin and the results of sin— how to live and die in this world so that we gain and fulfill eternal life.
Christ himself, handed himself over for the glory of the Father and for the true, eternal good of humanity.
Glory to the Father and Goodness for Humanity!
Christ the Son of the Father laid down his life and gave his blood that we— in body, mind, will and feeling— that we might have life in fullness and for ever.
Now in his Eucharist, he hands over to us his body and blood to be the food and drink that are the beginning of our eternal life.

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That God Be Glorified in All


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