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April 06, 2006

For Friday of the Fifth Week of Lent

John 10:31-42

Today the Gospel of the Lord begins with his enemies in Jerusalem picking up stones to kill him.
However, the Gospel today ends with a hint of hope and victory.
Christ escapes, leaves Jerusalem, travels east and crosses the Jordan River to a territory where many people put faith in him.
This light of faith in Jesus is the Gospel’s bright ray of hope and song of victory.
It is also a foreshadowing of the resurrection.
When the Lord told his disciples of his eventual death and resurrection, he told them that once he had risen he would go before them into GALILEE— another territory where the people believed in him.
After his resurrection, the Lord repeated to his disciples that they would see him in Galilee, a territory that believed in him.
You and I believe in Jesus.
That is ALMOST enough.
Each one of us is a divided territory: partly believing, partly doubting, partly sinful, but also holy.
We are sinners, but through the sacraments we are also the Flesh-and-Blood Church of Christ, the Children of the Father and the Temples of the Holy Spirit.
The Risen Christ comes to us in the sacraments, in the Eucharist, wanting us to meet him in the territory of faith.
The territory of faith … let us always go there.
Christ is waiting.

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The weekdays of the Fifth Week of Lent have a special "Preface" for the Eucharistic Prayer. The Preface sets the tone. Click HERE to read it.

That God Be Glorified in All


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