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The Word of God and the Body of God reveal each other -- the homily worships both.

April 14, 2006

For Good Friday in the Celebration of the Lord's Passion

John 18:1 to 19:42

In his Gospel of his suffering and death, Jesus speaks clearly of having a kingdom— but not of this world.
He says of his royal mission:
I was born and came into the world TO TESTIFY TO THE TRUTH.

Jesus the King says he is a witness and servant of the truth.
After he said that, Pontius Pilate asked him, “What is truth?”
However, Pilate did not bother to wait for an answer.
Jesus had already defined the truth with the life he lived, the work he did, the message he taught and the prayers he offered.
While praying aloud at his Last Supper, Jesus asked his Father to make us holy in the truth.
What IS the truth for which Jesus was born, for which he lived, preached, prayed and died?
Since Jesus asked the Father to make us holy in the truth, what is the truth?
We hear that truth when Jesus prays for us at his Last Supper [see John 17:21-26].
As you, Father, are in me,
and I am in you,
may they also be in us.
I have given them the glory that you, Father, have given me,
that they may be one
even as you, Father, and I are one,
I in them
and you, Father, in me.
You, Father, have sent me
and have loved them
even as you have loved me.
I desire that they also,
whom you have given me,
may be with me where I am,
to behold my glory that you have given me before the foundation of the world.
I made known to them your name,
and I will make it known,
that the love with which you have loved me may be in them,
and I in them.

From all eternity, Jesus is God— the eternal Son of God the Father.
That is the truth.
Jesus wants us to enjoy the same love that he and the heavenly Father have for each other.
That is also the truth.
The TRUTH is that Jesus has come to give us the same love that belongs to him as the only Son of God.
The truth is that Jesus who is God has come to give us everything that is his.
I have given THEM the glory that YOU have given ME.
YOU, Father, have loved THEM
even as you have loved ME.
I desire that they also,
whom you have given me,
may be with me where I am.
I made known to them your name . . .
that the love with which YOU have loved ME may be in THEM.

Jesus wants us to receive the same love that the Eternal Father gives him.
When Jesus was baptized in the river Jordan, the Father’s voice came out of heaven and said:
This is my Son,
my beloved,
with whom I am well pleased.

The truth is that God says the same thing of each of us in our own baptism.

In the Body and Blood of Christ Jesus, we eat and drink the Father’s love for his only-begotten, eternal Son.
That is exactly what Jesus said to the Father at the first Eucharist— at the Last Supper.
I made known to them your name …
that the LOVE with which you have loved me may be IN THEM,
and I IN THEM.

Christ our King sacrifices himself for us, and gives himself to us as food for everlasting life.
From out of the pit of suffering and death, he wants to bring each of us into his own joy as the beloved of the Father.
God has already given, but we must take care that our hearts, minds and actions open up to receive.
How do we open up?
He told how while speaking to Pontius Pilate today.
Everyone who belongs to the truth listens to my voice.

Let us make our lives into an act of listening and saying “Amen” to the voice of Jesus, the King of Truth who gives up his Body and sheds his own Blood so that sinners might join him as the royal sons and daughters of God.

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That God Be Glorified in All


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