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May 09, 2006

For Wednesday of the Fourth Week of Easter

John 12:44-50
Acts 12:24 to 13:5.

Today in the Gospel it is late in the day on Palm Sunday itself.
Earlier in the day, the crowds shouted royal praises for Christ entering Jerusalem.
Afterwards, while he was speaking to the crowds, he suddenly said, “Father, glorify thy name!” [Jn. 12:28-29]
Then a voice came from heaven,
“I have glorified it,
and I will glorify it again.”
The crowd standing by heard it….

There are a few other occasions in the Gospel when the voice of God the Father comes out of the sky.
Today in the Book of the Acts of the Apostles we have something more rare: we have the voice of the Holy Spirit.
On some occasions the Scriptures tell us that someone is speaking by impulse from the Holy Spirit.
Today instead, the Scripture reports:
the Holy Spirit said,
“Set apart for me Barnabas and Saul
for the work to which I have called them.”

So, today in the Book of the Acts of the Apostles the Holy Spirit speaks out loud.
Today in the Gospel, Palm Sunday, the Father has already spoken out loud.
Today in the Gospel, Jesus also speaks out loud.
In fact the original language of the Gospel says he shouted, he yelled.
He yelled at the crowd.
He yelled that they must believe in God by believing in Christ.
Whoever sees, hears and obeys Christ sees, hears and obeys the Father.
God is the only source, only cause and only foundation of true and everlasting happiness.
If we want true and everlasting happiness, we must go to God.
If we want to find God, we must look to Christ, to see and find in Christ what God wants for us.
So, we come repeatedly to the Gospel and the Eucharist to meet, hear, touch and consume Christ the Son of God.
From time to time we must accept the fact that he is shouting at us in his Gospel.
His Eucharist shouts, “I sacrifice!”
“My Body— GIVEN UP for you!”
“My Blood— SHED for you!”
His Eucharist also shouts, “I am risen from the dead!”
“The EVERLASTING Covenant!”
Today in his Gospel Christ shouts that he is the Light of the world.
In his Eucharist he comes as Light in ACTION.
In his Eucharist he is the light of immediacy, the light of availability, the light of surrender as food and drink to be taken and swallowed.
Do we follow his SHOUTED command and example?
Do we do as he does?
Do we allow ourselves to be consumed by the demands and commands that follow from choosing to believe in God?
In the end there is nothing here but advantage— supreme advantage: salvation, eternal life, unending, boundless happiness in God who is the first, last and only source of true happiness.
When he returns as judge on the last day, may the Lord find living proof to count our lives as a shout of praise to his name!

That God Be Glorified in All


Anonymous candi said...

I'm glad you commented on the Holy Spirit speaking out loud. I was wondering about that when I read the readings this morning. I thought maybe the Spirit somehow spoke to all of them in their minds.


5:54 PM  

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