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The Word of God and the Body of God reveal each other -- the homily worships both.

June 18, 2006

For Monday of the Eleventh Ordinary Week of the Church Year

Matthew 5:38-42

Today, Christ has told us to practice a generosity that knows no bounds— a mysterious generosity that seems unreasonable and careless.
Christ is teaching us much more than just how to live and behave.
He is revealing what God our Father in heaven is like.
The unreasonable and careless generosity Christ expects us to live is an imitation of God who has created, loved and saved us with a seemingly unreasonable and careless generosity.
Our faith calls us to love as GOD has loved US.
God has created us and loved us; but God did not NEED to— did not HAVE to.
God loves us out of his own goodness and freedom.
We do not give God a reason, an attraction, a motive or an obligation to love us.
A love that is DESERVED or EARNED does not come from God, for God’s love is totally free.
God’s love has no needs.
God’s love is not limited by emotional likes or dislikes.
For this reason, God’s love is absolutely able and free to be faithful forever, no matter how detestable the circumstances— even when we reject and deny him, even when we are unfaithful and sinful— and ONLY GOD can love in this way.
God loves us for reasons that we do not provide him.
God does not love us because of what we have, what we do or what we are.
We cannot attract God’s love.
We cannot DESERVE God’s love.
Nonetheless— and here is the mystery— God HAS chosen us, and God DOES love us.
He calls us to empty our hearts of all other assurances, empty them of all other sources of security, all other sources of comfort, confidence and self-esteem.
He calls us to let our hearts be filled with the only real and lasting source of security, confidence and self-esteem: faith in the mystery of God who loves for reasons to be found in himself not in us.
When we learn to have THIS kind esteem for ourselves, we also learn to have the same kind of esteem for others— loving them NOT because of what they have, do or are.
We love and esteem them because God does.
Once we see with what love God loves us, we are moved to worship, thank and praise.
Our hearts are freed to imitate gratefully the careless free and goodness of God’s generosity.
God’s love moves us to CHOOSE to love our enemies, to CHOOSE to do good to those who hate or harm us.
In this way we make it known that we are children of God.
We are to be compassionate, as our Father in heaven has been compassionate with us.

That God Be Glorified in All


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Greetings from Roveredo in Piano, Italy! My wife and I are visiting our daughter and her family. Her husband works here. I attend daily mass here in town but do not understand Italian. Your daily on line homilies are wonderful - and particularly so for me in this situation. Thank you very much for publishing them! When in the states we live in our motorhome so one day may be near and able to stop in to thank you in person.

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