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August 04, 2006

For Friday of the Seventeenth Ordinary Week of the Church Year

Matthew 13:54-58

Is he not the carpenter’s son?

The family of Joseph the carpenter is that of King David from the town of Bethlehem where Christ was born.
In the Gospel, only two men are called “Son of David”: Christ and St. Joseph.
The first time God sent an angel to St. Joseph, the angel of God called Joseph, “son of David.”
The name of Joseph’s own biological father was Jacob.
“Joseph son of Jacob.”
However, God sent his angel to call Joseph “son of David,” rather than “son of Jacob.”
The Son of God himself shares on earth the title “Son of David” only with Joseph, the carpenter who lives and works in Nazareth.
Everything the Gospel tells us about St. Joseph is wrapped up in obedient service to the mission of the Son of God.
Joseph Son of David from Bethlehem is a carpenter who does everything in the name of the Lord Jesus.
Obedient as a slave to the mission of the Lord Christ, Joseph offers his service to the un-neighborly and small-hearted people of Nazareth.
In this way, St. Joseph the carpenter foreshadows the work of Christ himself.
Joseph is a son of David.
Christ is a son of David.
Joseph’s ancestral home is Bethlehem, a name meaning “house of bread.”
Christ was born in that place, the “House of Bread.”
He was born to be the “Bread of Life from Heaven.”
Yet as a human child, his life depended on bread earned by the work of St. Joseph.
Just like Joseph the carpenter who worked for the un-neighborly and small-hearted, Christ himself, the Bread of Life, serves the un-neighborly and small-hearted, not only in Nazareth like St. Joseph, but in all the towns of the world … even here … for us … right now.
As we eat and drink Christ the Son of God, we eat and drink the One who lived, grew and flourished on earth not only on the bread earned by the work of St. Joseph, but also on the love and example of St. Joseph.
Jesus, Mary and Joseph— pray for us!

That God Be Glorified in All


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