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The Word of God and the Body of God reveal each other -- the homily worships both.

September 09, 2006

For Saturday of the Twenty-Second Ordinary Week of the Church Year

Luke 6:1-5

God commands that we make one day holy by setting it apart for the Lord.
That day is to be given over to devout mindfulness of God as the Lord of all life and work, God as Lord of man’s entire existence, Lord of all of man’s life and activity.
Without that devout mindfulness fixed on GOD, the day would merely be a dead, negative and empty day without purpose or meaning.
For man, the Sabbath is to be observed as “The Day FOR the Lord.”
For God, the Sabbath is “The Day for Man.”
As Christ our Lord and God has told us, God mad the Sabbath for MAN.
We, the baptized faithful of Christ, have a new Sabbath, a new day of the Lord, “Sunday,” as we call it in English.
It is the day when Christ our God in human flesh rose from the dead for us.
It is the day on which God is alive and at work for us.
It is the day on which he worked his final and eternal wonder on human flesh.
It is the day when our own human nature, our own human flesh and blood began to live incorrupt and glorified forever in Christ.
The new “Day of God the Risen Lord” passes through the locked doors of time, so that it is present at every second, every minute, every hour, every day and in every place.
Whenever we celebrate the Liturgy, God is at work in a special way, present for us in his Risen Son and in the sending of the Holy Spirit.
In the Liturgy, God is present and hard at work for us in his Gospel and in the mystery of Christ’s Body and Blood.
In these, God enters the Church and the world, and is present.
In his Holy Gospel and his Blessed Sacrament he comes to “work” his Resurrection upon us.
Here in our worship of God, he raises up, restores, saves, sanctifies and glorifies our bodies and our whole nature in his own Body and Blood.

That God Be Glorified in All


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