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The Word of God and the Body of God reveal each other -- the homily worships both.

September 12, 2006

For Tuesday of the Twenty-Third Ordinary Week of the Church Year

Luke 6:12-19

Christ, truly a man and truly God— God the Son— stays up a whole night on a mountain, immersed in the praying Spirit of communion with God the Father.
The next day, from among his Jewish followers, he chooses twelve men and names them “Apostles.”
Together with his twelve Christian Apostles, he stands in the middle of a larger crowd of his Christian followers who are also Jews, members of the only race that worshiped the True God.
Other Jews, not yet followers of Christ, also have gathered, having come from the Jewish city of Jerusalem and the Jewish land of Judea.
Finally, crowds of pagans have also gathered, coming in from the pagan coastal lands of Tyre and Sidon.
Pagans, Jews, Christians— they have all gathered at the feet of Christ.
Whether they know it or not, he is God the Son of God the Father, and he is the Bearer of God the Spirit.
The crowds today embody all humanity: pagan living at one extreme, and the communion of God at the other.
The whole human crowd wants to touch Christ, because power comes out of him and heals them all of sicknesses or unclean spirits.
Whether they know it or not, when they touch Christ they touch the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit.
The Word of the Lord [Col. 2] says:
in him dwells the WHOLE fullness of the deity BODILY,
and you share in this fullness in him.

We touch the FULLNESS of God BODILY in Christ, and so we share in that FULLNESS.
In the Gospel today, all those who want to touch Christ have had to leave behind the rest of the world and everything in it to come to the mountain.
Everyone— pagan, Jew, Christian, layman, apostle— everyone in the Gospel today needs the touch of the Son of God from whom saving power comes out to all.
Some may fall back into pagan ways through simple weakness, through mere mistake or, worst of all, even by deliberate choice.
Christ always waits and he is always ready.
From the mountain of the stone altar, Christ the man of prayer, Christ the true God of prayer, Christ the Son of God, Christ the bearer of the Spirit— from the stone summit of the altar Christ comes to touch us with his Body and Blood, having power to purify, justify and sanctify.
He calls us to leave sin behind not only for the moment, not only here but always and in all places.

That God Be Glorified in All


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