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The Word of God and the Body of God reveal each other -- the homily worships both.

October 04, 2006

For Wednesday of the Twenty-Sixth Ordinary Week of the Church Year

Luke 9:57-62

What we witness in the Lord’s Gospel today takes place on the road as he makes his last journey to Jerusalem.
He has told his followers more than once that he is going to be handed over for execution.
He knows that the time for that is now drawing near, so, as his Gospel told us yesterday:
When the days for Jesus to be taken up were fulfilled,
he RESOLUTELY DETERMINED to journey to Jerusalem.

He is “resolutely determined” to meet the final labor of glory and salvation awaiting him in the city.
It is with this mindset that the he answers the three volunteers who offer themselves to him today.
The first one hears that to follow the Lord in the kingdom of God he will have no place to call home.
The other two hear that to follow the Lord in the service of the kingdom of God they must abandon both the living and the dead among their loved ones without so much as a farewell.
He compares the work of the kingdom of God to plowing a field.
If a man is working a plow, but turns around to look back, his work will be crooked.
The plow will wander, not going where it’s supposed to go, nor doing what it’s supposed to do.
No one who puts his hand to the plow
and looks to what was left behind
is fit for the Kingdom of God.

The Lord has set his face on the work that lies ahead in Jerusalem.
There, in Flesh and Blood, he will give glory to the Father and bring salvation to the world.
He has set his face on love for the Father and love for the world.
He approaches us now in the Flesh and Blood of the Eucharist, set on the same love for the glory of the Father and the salvation of the world.
Here in his Flesh and Blood, he never turns back.
Here in his Eucharist he hands over to us his own immeasurable fitness for the kingdom of God.
As we approach him in his Flesh and Blood, our “Amen” demands that we share his intention, set on giving glory to the Father and bringing salvation to the world.
Only in this way can we begin to be fit for the Kingdom of God.

That God Be Glorified in All


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