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November 06, 2006

For Monday of the Thirty-First Ordinary Week of the Church Year

Luke 14:12-14

Today in his Gospel, our Lord tells a man to spend his hospitality on those who cannot return the favor or repay him in any way at all.
In this way, he will receive his reward in the resurrection of the just.
That is a rather simple lesson.
However, it is difficult for us, because we are limited.
We have real needs, and our own resources for meeting them are not inexhaustible.
Yet, the Lord tells us to give of ourselves without looking for compensation.
If we were to follow this teaching word for word in every aspect of our lives, we would most likely die.
That is what happened to our Lord on earth.
He gave everything for us who cannot fully repay him— and do not fully want to.
In the beginning, God brought us into being from out of nothing.
He did not need us, but freely gave us a share in his own being.
We can do nothing really to pay him back; and he needs nothing from us at all.
Our best cannot begin to equal the gift of God.
So it is we “borrow,” as it were, the Eucharist— we borrow the THANKSGIVING of the Son of God— not our own, never-sufficient thanksgiving, but the Thanksgiving of God the Eternal Son.
In his Sacrificial Banquet, where Christ is himself the Banquet, the Host and the Open Door, Christ receives us into himself, and in himself he brings us to the Father as a perfect and saving act of thanksgiving and glory.
We are the ones whom Christ in his Gospel today calls the poor, the crippled, the lame and the blind that the Lord has invited to his banquet.
As Christ offers up his life to the Father, the Father gives the Spirit and Life in resurrection to Christ.
In the surpassing wonder and mystery of his charity, Christ chose to receive HIS personal reward of resurrection in OUR name and in OUR humanity.
In that way:
he makes beggars rich with his own divinity;
he gives the glorious light of his divinity to the blind;
and he bestows the fullness of his divinity on the crippled and lame.
We will spend eternity— we will need eternity— just to begin giving proper thanks.

That God Be Glorified in All


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