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The Word of God and the Body of God reveal each other -- the homily worships both.

November 20, 2006

For Monday of the Thirty-Third Ordinary Sunday of the Church Year

Luke 18:35-43

Someone has told the blind man that Jesus of Nazareth is passing by.
“Jesus of Nazareth.”
However, the blind man calls out to him by a different title.
Jesus, Son of David,
have pity on me!

Son of David,
have pity on me!

The blind man’s choice of words show that he has faith— faith that Jesus of Nazareth is the fulfillment of God’s promises: the Messiah, the One whom God has anointed to be the greatest prophet, priest, king and savior.
The blind man already has the sight of faith.
When he asks the Messiah to have mercy and let him see, the Messiah acknowledges his faith, and shows him mercy.
Have sight;
your faith has saved you.

Now able to see, the man follows Jesus and gives glory to God.
In this simple telling of a miracle, we have all the ingredients for our spiritual lives, a map for salvation, and a map for living in holiness.
Putting faith in the Son of God.
Turning to him to ask for mercy.
Receiving the salvation he offers.
Following him as his disciple.
Giving glory to God with our words and our lives.
As we come before the Son of God, Christ in his Body and Blood, we do as the formerly blind man did.
We put our faith in Christ.
We ask him for mercy.
We follow him as our disciples.
We make our words and our lives give glory to God.

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That God Be Glorified in All


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