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The Word of God and the Body of God reveal each other -- the homily worships both.

November 22, 2006

For Wednesday of the Thirty-Third Ordinary Week of the Church Year

Luke 19:11-28

One basic investment God has given each of us is our own selves.
Our bodies, our feelings, our free choices, our thinking minds— all these— we need to train and cultivate them for the glory of God who made us.
We need give back to him all that we have and are.
He made us that way, even though our own sins wound, hide, contradict and distort that truth.
Nonetheless, in the beginning and in the end, giving glory to God is what opens us to our own authentic, greatest joy.
We cannot and will not be satisfied and completely happy with anything less than God and the honor of God.
There is another investment that God gives to each of us.
God invests HIMSELF in each of us.
He wants to show himself IN us and THROUGH us— to the world, to each other, to our own selves.
We are made to reveal God whose love only gives itself away in total freedom and goodness.
When we do nothing but take and take, we have no time for goodness, freedom or love.
When we do nothing but take and take, we just get empty and emptier.
When we give ourselves away and give ourselves up— especially when we give ourselves up to God— then we really come into goodness, freedom and love.
Goodness, freedom and love are the work of God in us.
That is the accountability God asks for: that we transcend ourselves— go beyond ourselves— because we are God’s image.
Freely chosen self-sacrifice for the glory of God and the good of others … that is love.
Love calls for the effort and cooperation of our bodies, our feelings, our free choices, and our thinking.
If God did not think that our human efforts mattered, then the human suffering of Christ was a mockery of our humanity, and not an act of love.
In the suffering of Christ, human commitment and human suffering are invested with the love and power of God himself.
In the resurrection of CHRIST STILL HUMAN, God shows the esteem, the investment and the glory of our humanity.
In his Eucharist, God renews his promise and investment of himself IN US by his Flesh and Blood to enrich even our flesh and blood.
In his Eucharist, he is food, drink and wealth to invest our bodies, our sentiments, our wills and our minds with his own fullness and divinity.
From his Eucharistic investment, the Lord asks for profit, but not profit that he will take away for himself.
He doesn’t need it.
His Gospel today teaches that he reckons his accounts with us only so that he can give us more.
When Christ the King returns in glory at the end of time, he will pour into each of us the eternal MORE of his own Resurrection.
We shall hunger no more, search no more and die no more.
We shall be like God in all his fullness … seeing him as he is … face to face.

That God Be Glorified in All


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