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December 29, 2006

For December 29, the Fifth Day of Christmas

Luke 2:22-35

This is the fifth day in the Octave or “eight-day” celebration of Christmas Day.
Today, the Gospel invites us to look into the future of the newborn child.
Today in the Gospel, St. Joseph and the Blessed Virgin Mary fulfill the law of God on behalf of Jesus, and pay for his freedom as a son of Israel.
They offer up the sacrifice God required.
This law served as a reminder that God freed the people of Israel from slavery by killing every firstborn male of Egypt.
That law and its required sacrifice that Joseph and Mary offer on behalf of Jesus point our faith forward to the freedom God would give us to be his children by the sacrifice and the RESURRECTION of his Firstborn Son on the.
Today in the Gospel, the Holy Spirit of God speaks through St. Simeon, and associates the Blessed Virgin Mary with the saving work of her son.
Mary’s heart shall suffer when her Son is contradicted.
The Gospel of God simply says the Blessed Virgin Mary also shall suffer “so that the thoughts of many hearts may be revealed.”
Her Son “is destined for the fall and rise”— the RESURRECTION— “of many in Israel.”
Later, in the Holy Gospel according to John, we see the role Mary has in the death and resurrection of her Son.
She is to mother her Son’s disciple as a witness of the cross.
Christ tells his disciple to be mothered by Blessed Mary and her “way”.
The Gospel testifies that the disciple whom Jesus loves is a witness of the cross who takes Mary— and Mary’s mission— into his own home.
At home with the Blessed Virgin Mary, the mother of the cross, the disciple shall receive the news of the empty tomb, the mother of the resurrection.
The glory of Christmas is fulfilled through Good Friday and Easter Sunday.
As Mary was faithful to Christ, and obediently accompanied his saving mission, let us pray for the grace to serve Christ as she did, so that we may come to the resurrection through the work of her Son.

That God Be Glorified in All


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