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The Word of God and the Body of God reveal each other -- the homily worships both.

December 06, 2006

For Wednesday of the First Week of Advent

Matthew 15:29-37

The Lord set up these people.
He let four thousand men— not counting women and children— follow him three days into the desert and up a mountain, without enough food and carrying many sick and disabled.
On the mountain, he healed all the infirm.
However, the crowd had no food.
His disciples had a small supply: a few fish (small ones as the Gospel reports) and seven loaves of bread— not enough to fill a basket.
Yet, he quickly went into action as methodical as a ritual.
First: he commanded the whole crowd to sit.
Surely they watched carefully to see what he would do next.
Then, he took the food and offered thanks for it.
Third: he himself broke it into pieces, and had his disciples pass it out to the crowd.
Fourth: everyone ate, and was satisfied.
Finally: instead of leaving the leftovers with the crowd that would still have to travel three days out of the desert, he had the scraps gathered, filling seven baskets as a sign for all to see.
He supplied more than enough food for thousands.
The Lord meets human need with compassion, healing the sick and feeding the hungry.
Yet, meeting our need for bodily food and health is not enough for him.
After and on top of our satisfaction, he makes a display of superabundance: seven baskets of leftovers— a sign of the “too much” that God gives.
At this hour we are on the mountain of the Lord’s Gospel and Eucharist.
In these he meets us with the too much that is his very self.
In himself he offers more than we yet know how to desire and receive.
Yet by creating us and even more by redeeming us he breathes his own divine Spirit in us, making us capable of himself.
When he returns in glory, sent by the Father with his angels and saints to gather us into the baskets of heaven, we shall awaken fully ready and capable of the too much that he offers forever.
Let us hope in our salvation that has already begun.

That God Be Glorified in All


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