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June 21, 2007

For Thursday of the Eleventh Ordinary Week of the Church Year

Matthew 6:7-15

In praying, we are not to “babble like the pagans.”
Rather, we are to pray like the Son of God.
The Lord’s Prayer, like his entire Gospel, addresses two great side-by-side movements.
Side-by-side, or even inside each other, the two movements are: first, giving glory to the Father; and second, bringing men to salvation.
The first movement, glory to the Father: “hallowed be thy name, thy Kingdom come, thy will be done.”
The second movement— salvation— starts in English with the words “Give us this day our daily bread.”
It continues by asking for forgiveness.
It reaches the height of its swing by asking for final victory.
In English, we have a difficulty in the words “daily bread.”
The original language of the Gospel does not use the word for “daily” in speaking of this bread.
Instead, it uses a word that means “above being” or even “above
It speaks of the bread that is “higher than life,” the bread that is more than the bread of this earth.
Notice the position of this bread in the Lord’s Prayer.
It comes in-between prayer that glorifies the Father and prayer that seeks our salvation.
Here at the altar, our Father is going to give us THIS day “Our Bread that Is Higher than Life.”
This banquet is Christ praying and giving glory to the Father in self-sacrifice.
It is Christ praying and giving salvation to men in self-sacrifice.
The Eucharist is Christ who prays and sacrifices himself to give glory to God in the highest and on earth peace to men for whom God wills what is good.
If we dare to receive the “Banquet that Is Higher than Life,” we must choose to live it this day and all days, or else final victory shall not be ours.
We shall not have worshiped.
We shall not be saved.
We shall not have prayed at all, but merely babbled like the pagans.

That God Be Glorified in All


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Wow! I never knew that about the translation. It adds a different dimension to the Our Father. Thanks!

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