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July 06, 2007

For Friday of the Thirteenth Ordinary Week of the Church Year

Matthew 9:9-13

The Gospel has never mentioned Matthew until now.
Suddenly: a challenge from a stranger, and the immediate response of Matthew.
Matthew worked for pagan invaders, defying God and forcing the people of God, the people of his own blood, to hand over their money for the idolatrous conquerors— and for Matthew as well.
Matthew was a public, foul, sinful traitor.
Christ now calls him to repentance.
“Follow me.”
When Matthew immediately stands up to follow Christ the Lord, we see instead that Christ follows Matthew.
The Lord goes to Matthew’s house.
Suddenly we find Christ there sitting at table with Matthew and a
large crowd of tax collectors and other sinners.
Matthew’s had been the home of sinfulness.
Now repentance lives there.
Many other tax collectors and sinners now sit with Christ and his disciples in the house of repentance.
Disciples, tax collectors, sinners— the Lord explains today that he considers all of them sick and himself a physician.
Their sickness is sin, and his medicine is mercy.
In between the sickness and the medicine, in between the sin and the table of mercy, the Lord calls for repentance.
“Follow me.”
Without repentance, Matthew would not be at table in real communion with the Lamb of God.
No one really would.

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