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February 27, 2009

For Friday after Ash Wednesday

Matthew 9:14-15

During the eight days before today, the Lord in his daily Gospel at Mass has spoken THREE times about his suffering and death, FOUR times about his resurrection, ONCE about our self-denial in following him, and TWICE about our carrying crosses to follow him.
Today in his Gospel, he speaks of the day he was to be taken away from us as the time for mourning and fasting— the day we shall recall, proclaim, and own on Good Friday of the Lord’s Suffering and Death on the Cross.
With Good Friday as the first day, and Easter Sunday as the third of the yearly Sacred Three, we shall again swear the oaths of Baptism.
Through GOD THE HOLY SPIRIT we are baptized and anointed for communion with GOD THE SON in his Passover of suffering, death, and resurrection as the new and everlasting covenant for the forgiveness of sins, so that we might live in joyful freedom as the sons and daughters of GOD THE FATHER.
In these first three days of our preparation for the Passover of Christ, he has twice spoken to us of fasting.
Today he says we are to fast as a way to mourn that he was taken away from us.
On Ash Wednesday he said we are to fast secretly for the FATHER to see and repay.
We are to pray secretly for the FATHER to see and repay.
We are to give alms secretly for the FATHER to see and repay.
The Lord’s Ash Wednesday Gospel was all about rewards in secret intimacy with the Father.
We look forward to celebrating the resurrection of Jesus and his ascension by which he lives enthroned intimately with the Father.
By the power of the Spirit, Jesus took flesh and everything that we are, and he is alive with it in intimacy with the Father.
Our being finally and fully at home with that reward is the goal of our prayer, fasting, and almsgiving.
That goal’s presence, promise and preview come to us in the Body and Blood of Christ.
If we imitate what they contain, we shall receive what they promise.

That God Be Glorified in All


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