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The Word of God and the Body of God reveal each other -- the homily worships both.

May 18, 2009

For Monday of the Sixth Week of Easter

John 15:26 to 16:4a

Today Christ gives the Holy Spirit several names.
First of all: the name of “Spirit”— that in the Biblical tongues is “breath”.
Breath is such a power and sign of life that when we say “all that breathes” we are naming all the living.
Whose living, life-giving Breath is Christ naming?
He calls it “the Spirit of truth”, the Breath of truth.
He says the living and life-giving Breath of truth proceeds or goes forth from the Father.
Though it goes forth from the Father, it is Christ who sends that Breath to us.
The Breath of Truth that goes forth from the Father and the Son, the Breath of Truth that the Son sends to us also has another name that the Son tells us today: “Advocate”.
“Advocate” in the Gospel tongue is “Paraclete”— the name for someone who is “called in” to be a helper.
“Advocate” and “Paraclete” are forensic names, names from the law courts of Biblical antiquity.
An “advocate” or “paraclete” helps a man to testify in public.
That is exactly what Christ says today about the Spirit— Breath of Truth— that he sends and that comes forth from the Father.
The Spirit Breath comes to us to give public testimony about Christ and to help us also give testimony about Christ.
Breath keeps bodies alive, but breath also makes spoken words possible.
So then, God’s Breath of Truth would help us stay alive with the truth, would help us live the truth in our bodies, live the truth in the world, speak the truth with our lives, and speak the truth in the world.
Christ upholds this in his Gospel today.
He also upholds that the testimony of the Father’s Breath of Truth in our lives is to be such that some would kill us, thinking they are “offering worship to God” by doing so.
As Christ says this, let us mind that we also can think we are “offering worship to God”, while in fact we are dead to the truth.
Here in his Body and Blood, Christ himself sends us the Father’s Spirit Breath of Truth.
As we eat, drink, and breathe the truth that comes from God, we need to choose to speak and live out the truth that comes from God.
Otherwise, we leave ourselves dead to the truth, while thinking that we are “offering worship to God”.
However, if the worship and testimony of our lives are true, and remain so, then the everlasting joy, goodness, glory, and life of God— Father, Son, and Spirit— have already begun to be ours.

That God Be Glorified in All


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